Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What I Don't Want

***Your platitudes and fake hugs. There are plenty of people in my life who truly do care about me, and they give me all the REAL advice and hugs I need.
***Your attitude. If I can bite my tongue, so can you. I have managed to keep my mouth shut for a long time. You are thiscloseto finding out exactly how I feel, in no uncertain terms. If you're going to quit, then do it, but quit with the idle threats and stop making everyone else miserable because you hate your job. If it's that bad, then there's the door!
***Your pity. No, you actually don't have the first CLUE what it feels like to be me or to be in my situation. This is no pain olympics, and your loss was heartbreaking, but don't tell me you understand when you obviously can't begin to fathom.
***Your snake-in-the-grass two-facedness. And I'm fairly certain that's not a word. But if you have a question about something I've done, perhaps you should ask ME, and not go over my head and basically make sure our boss knows every mistake I make. Because it's only making YOU look bad. And do you know how many of YOUR mistakes and oversights I fix, without a mere MENTION to ANYONE??? You really make a lot of careless mistakes, but I usually chalk it up to your being stressed and busy. Seriously, in an entire multi-page report, you find *one* error that is mine, and the rest are *yours*.... But of course none of those are your fault, either, are they?
But I'm taught to turn the other cheek. And pray for you, my enemy, and bless you who spitefully use me. And as I do so, I heap flaming coals on your head. So how deep would ya like to be buried?

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