Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TTC??? Maybe...

So hubby had his every-6-month appointment he hasn't had in almost 3 years. Due to his genetic condition, he has to use synthetic testosterone... There aren't really any doctors in our state who deal with Klinefelter syndrome, so he sees a doctor who deals mainly with diabetes. At his last appointment, right before we were married, the dr set up a consult with a urologist to answer our fertility questions. (I had already contacted Dr. Google, who had pretty much said there was only a remote possibility of conception, with the highest-end treatments)
We chose not to make that appointment as newlyweds, as to give us some time to adjust as husband and wife. Of course that doesn't mean we haven't tried (in vain) on our own. We know the odds are stacked against us, but we have decided to see the urologist to discuss our options.
We're not telling anyone IRL about this appointment... I'm pretty sure they will do SA, and that will pretty much determine our path. We've already decided against the highest end treatments... We're not against the treatments, we just feel like that's not a road we want to travel at this time. With his condition, a count of zero is expected to be the norm, but I really feel like this is the next step we need to take. I need to know if we could pursue some lower-end options. It makes me a little nervous; while it seems like such a simple appointment, it will ultimately either open the door for the possibility of biological children --- or slam it shut in our faces. The appointment is March 3.

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