Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why we hang on to our junk

So I'm sitting here watching Clean House, and they just finished trying to get this couple named Phil and Mindy to get rid of lots of junk. I've been pretty hard on hubby about getting rid of some clutter, but now I think I understand him a little more.
Infertiles give up a lot... Dreams, time, privacy, emotional health, money, in n particular order and definitely not an exhaustive list. maybe hanging on to our junk is just where we put our foot down and say ya know what, I'm not giving up this stuff. I had to give up my dreams of biological children and pregnancy, let a million doctors see me in all my glory, pay lots of money to show them my business, and month, after month, after month, I lose, I lose, I lose. Enough! I can keep my junk!
Now, granted, Phil and Mindy had a lot of true junk to part with... But did you really need to make Mindy cry because you thought she needed to let go of her Babysitter Club book collection? If she wants to keep some books, let the girl have her books!
Was there stuff they could've gotten rid of? Sure. Did they keep too much junk? Sure. But a designer, organizer, carpenter, and tv star hardly qualify to tackle the issues of an infertile couple letting go of the one thing they feel they have control over.
Sometimes, you just want to hang on to your junk.

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