Monday, February 15, 2010

I've been lost in bloggerland for a while now... Thanks, largely in part, to the Creme de la Creme... My housework has fallen by the wayside in the past few weeks. I recognize the dark depression I've been in, but haven't really admitted so much to anyone. All I want to do is sleep... Or lay on the couch... I m'e myself get up when I have to, but given the chance, you'd have most likely found me on the couch lately.
Granted, a lot of it has just been grief, plain and simple. Cold, sunless weather for weeks doesn't really help.
Hubby went for more bloodwork today... His doc said if he'd seen hubby for the first time, he would've prescribed insulin for injection right away, but that he thinks hubby's diabete*s can be controlled with diet, exercise, and oral meds. More grief, as I'm pretty sure international adoption will be limited even more so, and hubby has purchased life insurance for me but not himself - another darn near impossibility. I really just want one thing -ONE THING - to be EASY. Is that really too much to ask???
My hand is still swollen... Tried to wear my rings today, but had to take them off early in the day. Continued left ovary pain, if only I had time to go to the dr for MYSELF, maybe we could get that figured out.
Sigh.... I intended to sit down and blog about how I keep running into the same recurring things on several Creme blogs, and in my own life. This is a bad time. We need grace to make it through. Somehow, someway, someday, there IS a baby at the end of this, we will make it to that day, and we will be better mommies for all we've been through.

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