Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend was Better

Whew... It's been a much better weekend. My sisters (especially older sis) really helped me have a good weekend, and now we're a lot closer to being able to sell our old house and only have 1 house payment again.
Still not sure what exactly this week will hold as far as work. Not sure if she'll be back or not, the ph*arma*cist thought probably not. Trying to prepare myself to be ready either way -- either extremely busy and swamped with her job and mine if she's out, or dealing with the conversations and keeping my emotions in check if she's there. Either way, I'm off Tuesday to go to the dr with hubby for a check-up, and the pha*rmac*ist I'd off Wed. One of our bosses will be coming up to fill in, so there again, I'll be trying to keep emotions in check and opinions to myself.
Regardless of how it turns out, just the thought of going to work tomorrow has filled my eyes with tears today. Hoping and praying it's a better week. The ph*armac*ist did ask my aunt (who works for our sister company that we shared an office with for a while) if I was okay, because she was worried about me... Which makes me think I was right with my theory that she didn't have a clue she and the other girl had hurt me. I'm beginning to understand her "psycho" sister-in-law more every day.

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