Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome, 2010!

Dear 2010,
I hope you will be kind. I want you to be filled with laughter and fun. I want to spend my time with you, playing with nephews and niece, friends and family. I would especially like you to bring less left ovary pain and fewer migraines. Please be especially gentle in May, as we UN"celebrate" MD, and prepare to begin the adoption process. Please don't be greedy like 2009 and steal church friends and the health of lots of friends. I would really like it if you have brought a new name for me, and I can quit being NotTheMama. But I understand if your younger brother 2011 needs to bring that. Lest I ask too much from you, I will try to give you, 2010, more relaxation and living in the moment. I will be a better Christian, and I will mentor at least one teenager very closely. I'm thinking about a Bible study for some girls who, for the last 6 months, have been in a lot of trouble.Give them something better to do. I have refrained from washing clothes today at the request of my MIL, so please hold up your end of the bargain. Let's try to get along in the time you have, okay?

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