Monday, January 18, 2010

Pesky Left Ovary, and other thing bothering me tonight

Probably irritable from early PMS and a lack of sleep, but whatever!
*Darn left ovary is aching again, with occassional stabs of pain.
*trying to figure out a way to (legally) raise 45K in a year to complete a dang fast international adoption. Referral within 2 wks of dossier submission? Heck yeah.
*Now my body is aching. Started with left hip(figured that was from an earlier cramp), now includes right arm/shoulder/elbow/side of neck. Huh?
*Work... Currently dealing with psychotic chatter from one, witchiness from another, and oh by the way, it will be me and our diva difficult boss from another office on Friday. *The last thing I want to do is get up 3 hours early in the morning to take a teenager to school, but it also annoys me that I'm annoyed. I have an agreement with her mom as a sort of (mentor? Role model? Counselor?) as we all 3 work to getting this girl's life headed in the right direction. It's something I do want to do, but sometimes leaving my house when I used to wake up isn't much fun.
*Never-ending Laundry Piles, need I say more!
* MUST. Clean. Out. Old. House. So we can sell it and go back to one house pmnt, pay off some bills, and be able to save for adoption, however that happens.
Please forgive my whining and geiping.

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