Sunday, January 24, 2010

Things That Really Suck: pregnancy news and loss via text messages

Pardon any typos or whatever. Typing with shaky hands and teary eyes via blacbe#rry.
Just got a series of texts from one co-worker that another co-worker will be out tomorrow and possibly the rest of the week. Her hubby is "taking her to the doctor." I have suspected a pregnancy since the beginning of the week. Well duh, I'm infertile, not STUPID!!!!! I have been asked point-blank how I wanted to be informed about pregnancy news among the 3 of us, and it sure as hell wasn't through a few damn texts... She has an infertile best friend, is she telling her the same way? I know we're not buddy-buddy or anything, but we work closely enough that we tell each other things of that magnitude, or so I thought... I'm hurt that she hadn't told me, but they would talk about her not lifting something right in front of me. I'm hurt that I have to find out in this manner. Tomorrow is gonna suck, a Monday by myself with a fill-in phar#macist who doesn't know crap about our office, when I can't do eveerything myself... But it beats trying to work with those two... I need some time before I can face them with grace and dignity....
And now I have to maintain enough composure to walk into my empty, quiet house after being with nephews all afternoon, to get my things together to go teach children who donakt belong to me, and put on my happy face for friends my husband invited over after church.