Monday, January 25, 2010

and will they call her to ask if she likes and wants to keep her job?

The month we tried the hardest to get pregnant, I ended up with a cyst, in so much pain I could barely stand, a trip to the ER, etc etc etc... On the day I could barely stand, this same employee told me I could go home, then proceeded to call our home office and tell them, apparently, that we needed help because I was undependable, not calling in when I wasn't gonna be there, etc... Before I even made it HOME, one of our bosses was calling me, asking me if I liked my job, if I wanted to keep my job, did I want to quit or take a leave until things were okay... This was over about 2 and a half missed days... Not "possibly all week." Is someone gonna call her and ask her the same things? No. It will be perfectly acceptable. Why? Because I'm not telling them I'll make it through the day by myself, then calling our home office and ratting out someone who's sick.

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