Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas! Hubby got a dog...

Hubby kept saying he wanted a dog, but would change his mind every other day to a cat. We already know we do NOT have good luck with animals, but.since we don't live on the main road now, this will go better. A friend of ours brought a puppy over this morning that someone apparently dropped off, and they couldn't keep it. Hubby is happy to have a stray dog... My thoughts? I've had this crazy daydream since we've been married that someone would leave a stray kid on our doorstep. Silly, yes. Improbable, yes. But hey, no dreams of big bellies here, so whatever!
Christmas is going well. Better than I ever dreamed actually! We've been busy little bees... And I've been praying for other people lot, too. We have several terminal cancer patients and newly widowed people in our church. And of course I'm thinking of the kids who need families, and families dreaming of kids. Sure, Christmas morning around our house is a little quiet and void of Santa, but only for a while longer.
Merry Christmas everybody!

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