Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My body is falling apart!!

Slowly, piece-by-piece, my body is revolting against me. Seriously, I'm too young for this, right?
My vision has changed recently... I finally made that dentist appt I've been avoiding, and dread what they're gonna tell me beyond "You need your wisdom teeth out!" ... Thank you, AF, in advance for the migraine you flung my way today, see ya in a day or two... Apparently I'm allergic to carrots of all things... And somehow I got into some poison oak/sumac/ivy or something yesterday. I know some briars wrapped around my leg, but that's all I remember... And there was pollen on the cars yesterday and today, hello allergies. And I'm rather sore from all the yard work I've been doing in the afternoons, trying to beat the rain. I'm a walking ad for Benadryl, Caladryl, and Excedrin Migraine these days. But of course, the generic equivalents to all of the above, like a good little pharm tech.
If I keep going at this rate, I won't need an excuse to skip the birth of cousin's daughter, because who wants a sneezing, itching, potentially sick person around their newborn?

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