Saturday, March 14, 2009


----> AF did come Friday afternoon. I'm okay. Not happy, for sure, but not burying myself in bed all weekend, either. Working towards a sinus infection or some kind of crud, and the ole leg isn't looking very good. Poison-something-or-other, from raking and dumping leaves. I know I got in some briars, so who knows. But the perks of working in a pharmacy means no dr's office co-pay, and free predn!sone dose pack that costs a dollar and some change. Which should help the sinus crud, and the cramps too. Had to use the trusty M!dol this morning though. Trying to hold off on any otc sinus meds until I finish the dose pack.... Then Wednesday, I get to go back to the dentist for a crown and 2 fillings, all "old" dental work that needs some tlc. Fun times.
----> New friends!! A couple with no children who goes to church with us and is on the fire dept with hubby. Our age. They don't want kids for several more years. We called them spur-of-the-moment and asked them if they wanted to go eat in a town 45 minutes away... They did, so we met them, then went for ice cream. Do you know how nice it was to sit through an entire meal without wiping the first face, or talking about midnight feedings, potty training, or school choices? Very refreshing... Guarantee they'll be pregnant within a year, because you know, that's what happens to child-free couples who start hanging out with us!
----> Car shopping... Loved the look of one car, made hubby do the test-driving in the rain... Too rough of a ride, not enough room in the back seat, a bit more pricey than we were hoping to go with... Ghetto salesman.... Sigh. Once again, we've reached an all-new level of "old"... Dude was telling us all the perks (s!r!us radio free for a year, hands-free phone connection, all doors unlock when the driver opens theirs.... Hubby and I both turn around at the exact same time and simultaneously say, "Does it have child lock?" Yes. We ARE old. And perfectly okay with being so. After enjoying dinner and ice cream with friends, we were home before 11 and both ready for bed. Would've been home sooner, but there was a wreck on the interstate. I digress -- back to the car front. We also drove a car, that has lots more room in the back seat, easy latch system for car seats, sits up high than my car, easier to get in, at least the same gas mileage if not better... I told hubby I would be content to just go back and buy that one. He wants to look around some more. I don't **have** to have that specific car (in fact I could do without the sun roof and all that jazz, for a cheaper price), but we def could shop around for that make and model. I'm just ready to be done and driving something that's not on its last leg.
----> Just to drive home the fact that we're really old... We now have 2 (TWO) bird feeders on the front porch, and as we were coming in tonight, we were discussing when we should fill the hummingbird feeder as well. Content to be old, people, we are perfectly content. Shaking my head... What will our children think? Will we start acting younger when we get them? Or will they be the young kids in class with the anciently old parents?
----> Possibility of going to a meeting Monday night for potential foster parents. Yes, the road I swore I wouldn't take. With the (our state) B@ptist Children*s H0me, just to see what it's all about. I've been completely against open adoption or even domestic adoption at all really, but the more I read, the more I have to at least question it. Perhaps this topic should have its on post, though, so remind me to get back to it.

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