Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Branching Out...

Oh yes, I am branching out! Yeah, yeah, 'bout time, I know... Couple of things!
Thing 1... Just shot an email to Mel at about this blog and another, new blog. I've been lurking around and randomly clicking on some different blogs through her blog, and finally made the connection to hopefully get a little more involved. It's like stepping off of the diving board into a swim ring, dude. At the age of 27. Yes, it seems that ridiculous to me, too.

Thing 2... ******drumroll****** Introducing mine and hubby's new blog! ;) http://www.battlesforadoption(dot)blogspot(dot)com You'll find our real names, our first post, and so far, not a lot else. Workin' on it. Maybe some pics, definitely more info, possibly one day I'll learn to do that strike-through thingy I have always wished I could do. Please do click over and let me know what ya think... BUTTTTTTTTTT...... Please also remember that this blog, while public, is NOT read AT ALL by ANYONE I know IRL (to my knowledge)... Feel free to use our real names on the other blog, but please refrain from mentioning this blog over there. Hubby (as it turns out, after we worked on the new blog and had already sent messages to friends/family) isn't exactly ready for the world to know we're adopting, but is willing to do this because he knows I am so past ready. "We're adopting!" is one thing -- our specific diagnosis and all that involves is quite another. Please try to keep the 2 blogs separate. Think of it as 2 different people if ya need to! ;) Thanks for that, too. End disclaimer.

Misc: The regular allergy stuff isn't really helping a lot... Switching to the "D" kind tomorrow... Good-bye sleep for a few days... 'Twas a crazy day in the pharmacy, complete with a fill-in pharmacist on the busiest day of the week, lots of calls from out-patient mental health peeps and a visit to one's house and waking up 15 minutes before I needed to be out the door to start the day... And ending with a 10-year-old girl locking herself in the bathroom at church because she saw a grave of someone she may or may not have been related to, who died when she was just little, and it made her sad that she never knew him and she wondered what he was like and then some of the kids made fun of her for crying.... And it was raining, and we couldn't play outside and all the kids showed up on the same night for once.
All that to say::::: please pardon anything that makes no sense... Leave a comment, and I'll try to clarify when I can think straight again. ;)

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