Monday, March 30, 2009

The cousin is in labor (obviously, birthin' babies mentioned)

We were at hubby's parents' house when their phone jingled around 11pm... Amazing we were there at that hour, strange they got a call at the hour. We had actually just dicsussed that if the cousin hadn't had the baby by Friday, she would be induced. The aunt said coming down tonight wasn't necessary, and they do not expect a baby until morning. (Ha. Ha. Hahahaha. I have enough niece/nephews to know how those things sometimes go!) Hubby and I both have to work tomorrow, and if it was a sister, we would call in, but for a cousin, well... Ya can't miss work for everyone, as bad as that sounds! Hubby has fire class tomorrow night, not sure if he'll miss it to go to the hospital. Part of me wants to bite the bullet and get the first visit outta the way before they come home (I can leave a hospital room with a lot more tact and hubby can stay more easily), or if we will wait because of time and logistics. (The hospital is over an hour away, in a big city I'm notorious for getting lost in)...... I did okay with the phone call and announcement, so we'll see. Cautiously optimistic about a visit, I guess. Honestly, I can't wait to hold a newborn and just drink in that smell and have a tiny little baby in my arms again. They get big so fast!!! It's the times when someone else is holding the babies that get me. The dad trying to figure out how to change a diaper, the grandmother taking care of her daughter and new grandchild, the proud first-time aunt showing off her niece. The questions and comments I know will come, at a time when I'm already doing my best to just hang on until I'm in the car.... Tears and rush hour traffic don't really mix too well!! For now, we'll pray for grace and mercy and do some deep breathing and finding of the happy place in the room. :)

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