Thursday, March 5, 2009

Confession Time

Okay, I have a confession... It seems kinda silly, as confessions go... But it's a big deal to me.

Are you ready?



I have no idea when AF is due!!!!!

See? I told you it was kind of silly. But I have kept a stinkin' calendar from before we set our wedding date to last month. Did I mark CD1 on my calendar? I don't really remember... Part of the reason is, I'm not really sure exactly where I put said calendar... But it is so (ridiculously, I admit) exciting to just not know. I'm not counting, I'm not waiting, I'm not stressing out and wondering if today will be the day, I'm not calculating days to find out what I'll be doing so I can know what to expect. I feel so liberated. And ridiculous. Whew, livin' on the edge, I tell ya!

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