Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I (and this snot) Need to get out of my head....

My heart loves the extra daylight... My heart loves the beautiful blooming trees, flowers, plants, etc.... My sinuses, on the other hand, kind of have this hate thing going on... I'm thinking I'm gonna have to switch from generic C!aritin, to the "D" kind. I dunno, I've heard Muc!nex is good, too. But even generic is still more expensive than the first brand I mentioned... Given another day or two of all-day-long-nose-blowing, I may be willing to pay just about anything... It's supposed to rain tomorrow through the weekend, maybe some of this pollen will wash away!!!!

I need out of my head for a while. I usually accomplish this by playing with somebody's kids... But all this snot combined with too much thinking and the looming birth of a cousin makes for a not-much-fun-"fun-aunt"-type-person. Ugh. after the Children's home meeting, I've been doing lots of "head conversations" and lots of thinking and praying about it all... I could possibly see myself fostering, but then again, I dunno.... But then again, if it would make the paperchase we'll be doing anyway easier/faster/happen sooner, let's just go for it. But what if I'm wrong and fostering ends up being the hardest thing out of it all? What if the social worker takes one look at our house/yard and runs the other way? What if we DO live outside of their coverage area? The yard... We have some kind of mole (or other critter) problem... Holes all over our back yard, which isn't a huge deal to us NOW, because we don't really go out there a lot. But with kids?... I'm not the type to sit in the house all day, my kids and I WILL be outside, weather permitting. And we have some "junk" left over from the previous owners (scrap metal, blocks, etc) that need to go. Would they tell us NO based on those things?
Asde from the foster care thing, I want to start contacting adoption agencies and find out if I can do all the work myself... Can I get the paperwork rolling myself? Can we contract with any licensed social worker in our state to do a hometsudy for us? If we come to whatever agency we choose to use, on or around our third anniversary, with ALL paperwork COMPLETED, will they accept it? Can we move on to the next step sooner? What can I do to speed this process along?
I have started a new blog. I'll make a separate blog post on here about it in a day or two.... I have several entries in floating around in my head for that one, too... It was created on Sunday, and I'm just now getting word out about it to friends and family. It is primarily for adoption news, but I could see discussing other things as well. I'm kind of worried about how that's gonna go over. Most people know I love orphans, but only a handful know we're definitely planning to adopt, and there is an even smaller number who know we plan to do so ASAP. And I know we're setting ourselves up for nosey and rude questions and comments about our fertility (or lack thereof), and I'm trying to anticipate all of that and come up with gracious, kind, loving answers. Ya know, you don't want to tell little old church ladies to mind their own $#@$%&# business, in exactly those words.
I need to get out of my head!!!!! I'm hoping to be able to get out and go somewhere with hubby this weekend, even though it's supposed to rain... There's got to be something, somewhere we can do... I would love it if we could buy a car this weekend, but I don't see that happening. I just need a break. A vacation would be ideal -- an entire week of no pharmacy/bank crap, no baby-sitting, no schedule, just me and my hubby doing whatever it is we want to do. But what with the pending car purchase, dental work to be completed next month, etc, etc, etc.... Just one day (Saturday!) AWAY.... With no plans, no phones (unless we're calling each other), no kids, no inerruptions, no bank, no pharmacy.... Some time out of my head, just spending time with my hubby.

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