Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vacation's over... Catching up

Whew.... I do NOT plan on taking 2 long weekend trips back-to-back again!!! I went to bed last night at 9:30! I usually go around midnight... Would've went earlier tonight, but I've been busy. Vacations were good, one was crazy busy with no time to rest and relax, the beach trip was nothin' but R&R and arcade games and ocean time. I thought things would slow down, but uh-uh, Friday night we're going to dinner with a Bible study group from church (forgot about that one, gotta figure out what to cook!!), Saturday is oldest nephew's b-day party, something-that-I-can't-remember is going on next weekend.... Can't a girl just catch her breath? I'll not have another (planned) day off until Thanksgiving.
There hasn't been much time for IF because I've been so busy.... Which is not necessarily a bad thing! ;) It's kind of nice to just be "normal" for a while. I did manage to find some books dealing with IF, and hope, and some good fiction, in the Smokies for CHEAP, but I'm gonna have to hold off on the hope and IF ones until we're done with this Bible study @ church in November. I did read through one of them, though, and just reading through it and not doing the Bible study made me realize some things... For one, that no matter HOW a child comes, that does not "get rid of" IF, those issues will still be there. Different perspective, I guess, than I've really thought about. Good insight from this author. On another note, it IS kind of odd how when I'm this busy, I still have random IF thoughts that seem to hit me out of nowhere... Like when I was cooking supper, and almost lost it because, out of nowhere, I thought of having to go to a cousin's baby shower in several months, and how I was going to work out driving by myself instead of with my sister- and mother-in-law, so I can make a quick exit if need be. Where did that come from?!?! I know that one day, I will be able to face those baby showers, and announcements, and what-not with no threat of tears, and that is what gets me through them now. Whew.
Time for bed!

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