Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It was a blah kind of day.... After work, I went to my parents' and fed their kittens, as my parents are on vacation. Mama Kitty had somehow gotten out of the cage, poor baby kitties had been in the cage without their mama for who-knows-how-long. They were pretty loud, obviously hungry! I fixed the cage so Mama Kitty couldn't get out, and I'll go check on them tomorrow morning b4 work. Other than work and checking on the cats, I just laid around all afternoon, reading, napping, etc.
I have a sick hubby... Men are wimps.
I joined fert!l!tyfr!end... who knows if I'll actually do all that monitoring stuff... I would SO like to set up an appt for hubby to get an SA.
Blah.... going to take some midol and go to bed...

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