Monday, October 20, 2008

Has anyone ever died from self-conflicted sanity shot wounds?

Oh, the conflict I inflict upon myself... (any other -flict words I'm missing out there?) Now, I KNOW I'm not pregnant... But why is it so easy to just... pretend... for a few days, you know, right before Mother Nature decides to surprise me a few days early? Ugh.... But hey, I'm trying to find one sunny spot each month... Based on the current trend, Thanksgiving will be cramp-free. The day after Thanksgiving shopping will not hold any of those ugly surprises this year. And perhaps the most rewarding for today, I made it through W@al M@art without buying even the first little tiny piece of chocolate. I cooked a full meal, and packed us both left-overs for lunch (look at me, saving $$$!!!)... The kitchen is clean, hubby helped me wash dishes and I didn't even have to whine... And the huge-mongous piles of laundry from vacations has been caught up to the "normal" amount of laundry.... One more load for the week, to be done tomorrow.... Tomorrow night's meal is all lined up... I made it through the dreaded baby question today with no problem at all... I'm getting to bed at a decent time again tonight... I'm feeling amazingly positive and peaceful, even as another wasted egg prepares to exit.... Kind of brings an all new meaning to "vicious cycle," n'est pas? Here's to hoping I won't need a mu#scle relaxer this time...

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