Thursday, October 16, 2008

A glimpse into my day....

Hahaha... Never a dull moment when you deliver meds to mental health patients.
8:57am.... Pharmacist calls to see where I am (almost pulling in the parking lot) and tells me we need to go at some point today and buy a cream to overnight to a home.
9:00... Go in the pharmacy, see a bunch of baskets... A bunch of baskets = a bunch of work (new scripts, medication changes, refills, etc) that has to be delivered after 2:00... Would really rather be home in bed, trying to trudge through the work. Waiting on the drug order to arrive, so I can make a delivery to B, an elderly, darv###ocet-addicted mental health patient, who lives in elderly apts about 6 miles away.
10:15... Drug order arrives, we pack meds, I take them to her house. I have some other meds with me, to return to our back-up pharmacy, and some things to borrow again. I go to B's house first. Ring the doorbell... I hear her talking, but can't make out what she's saying... Ring... Wait... Ring... Wait... Wait... Try the door, it's unlocked, but her dog comes up growling and barking at me... Big chicken, I shut the door. Call the pharmacist. She calls B's house, B hangs up on her, then leaves her phone off the hook. We're not sure if she has fallen, or passed out, or what... We're thinking about calling 911. Finally a neighbor is outside, so I ask them if they know her. No, ask her next-door-neighbor. NDN says she does this all the time, but she can come to the door fine when she needs a cigarette or the food van comes... Calls her... Well, she's on that phone, that's why she won't come to the door. NDN launches into a tirade about the nasty-ness B lives in, how she is catered to too much, etc. All while walking to B's door, opening it, yelling at the dog to get back, and yelling at B to come to the door b/c I have her meds. "The door was open..." "Well, she's afraid of your dog. You need to come get this medicine, She's afraid of your dog and she's not coming in. Get up and come to this door!" (Aside: How wise is it to walk into a growling, barking dog who belongs to a mental patient, when you're not sure if said patient will be found half dead on the floor???)
After a few minutes, B comes to the door, very sweet, oh thank you darlin', thank you honey, thank you so much. So NDN is standing behind me, and continues her tirade as I'm trying to get in my car. (Who's the patient here?!?!) "Somebody needs to tell her nurse how she lives!" "Well, I'm just from the pharmacy, I don't really know much about her. Thanks for your help." "Well, SOMEBODY needs to tell her nurse!! She lets that dog S#&@ on newspaper in that house, never walks it, that house is NASTY. Something needs to be done, call the health dept, she's just a chain-smoker is all she is. Catered to way too much. That's what's wrong, SOME people get catered to TOO much, and the rest of us can't get any help....." Um, sorry? hahaha
So then I got in my car while she was still going off, and on my way back to the pharmacy I though, you know, if this tirade lady really **wants** that kind of catering, all she has to do is go over to the mental health center. If she really wants to live the kind of life B lives, she can. How sad is it to be jealous of mental health patients? (For all I know, NDN is a mh patient, too!)
The rest of the day was less interesting... Which was good after yesterday, when I filled in for the other pharmacy, and was in the basement of a mental hospital preparing to fill the machines in that hospital, then driving over an hour away to another mental hospital (through the ghetto, no less) and filling up their machine. Spending a whole day in a mental hospital is a little less than fun. ;)
Tomorrow I work at the hospital in the morning, then my regular pharmacy whenever I finish at the hospital. Hoping for ZERO funny stories.

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