Monday, October 6, 2008

Home for 3 days...

...And starting the mad rush to recover/unpack/do laundry from one trip, while resting/packing/ironing clothes for the next. Good trip, not much relaxing, LOTS of time loving on and playing with niece and current youngest nephew. Busy days and early nights, because we were ALL exhausted. Enjoyed my roller coasters, enjoyed nobody asking any questions. Was hoping for a little time to have tearful, adult conversations with sister-in-law, but we slept when the kiddos did. :)
I bought.... A shirt for nephew arriving Dec 19 that says "Dear Santa, I've been good ALL YEAR!! (Just ask my mom!)" Oh yeah, it's precious!... A shirt for his big bro that tells the world he is just that, because up until that day, he has been the little bro.... And some other gifts/clothes/etc for all the kids..... >5 but <10>different problem than my own. But I digress.... This store was a discount (would you find me elsewhere? hahaha) bookstore, with more Christian books than anything else. Usually I do good to find ONE IF-related book. Of course, the majority of women I've seen in the stores DO have kids, are working on home-school stuff, etc, but I KNOW there are PLENTY of Christian women who read books and deal with IF. And I also know that I personally do not always feel comfortable walking up to the clerk and saying "Pardon me, but do you have any books on IF?" But if I see a book, I'll grab it up and probably finish it within a day or two. I feel pretty sure if IF-related books were more readily available, they would be sold. Okay, stepping off my soapbox....
Soooo.... The next trip is a beach trip, leaving Thursday evening for about a 6-hour drive, coming back sometime Monday. Ahhhh... This is the relaxing trip, where we sleep in, eat b'fast in the house, head to the beach at a quarter-to-whenever, stay until it gets really hot or relatively crowded (haha private beach, crowded means those drunk empty-nesters that come on the same weekend), take a nap at the house, then get ready for dinner out somewhere and some type of arcade-bowling-go-kart-riding nonsense.... And in the past, the adults with children go back to the house, and those of us married and not with no kids ride around PC looking for something to do besides hitting the clubs, or walks on the beach... This year, though, we may just go to sleep earlier ;)
Here's to getting enough laundry done to have clothes for the beach!

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