Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's 2 am....

...And most of my stuff is packed. I think. Except the stuff I had to hand up to dry when I got home from the CE, which was actually a little informative this time, since I have nephews with asthma. Now if only I can remember the details I heard, you know, between text messaging and checking email, etc on my phone... (But everyone was doing it, mom!!) Hubby is still packing... Good news: not leaving @ 6am as planned. Bad news: because youngest nephew has to get tubes in his ears Tuesday (found out today!), so he has pre-op @ 7:30... We're meeting everyone else @ the surgery center around 7:30, and some of us are going to get b'fast while mom, dad, and baby do their thing. I KNOW I'm forgetting stuff.... I always do! But there is a grocery trip in the plans first thing, so maybe I'll remember before we go.
Off for a weekend AWAY from it all, enjoying my niece and youngest nephew, and their parents and grandparents, and of course my hubby. :) So why are my neck/back both still soooo incredibly tight, and why won't this dang 2-week migraine go away?

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