Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You know it's bad when I blog 4 consecutive days....

.... But it could be worse!! I was feeling okay, until I got to work. Since it's a slow week, I can go in between 10-12, just whenever I want to... Usually I go in no later than 11, but this week it's just been better for me to not go in any earlier than I had to. Took some Ben.adryl last night, went to bed 1-2 hours earlier than the past few nights, so maybe tonight it will be BEFORE midnight!! (Better be, gotta be @ work @ 10 tomorrow, it's just me and the pharmacist!!) Today I worked with the other tech and our temporary (for one more Wednesday) fill-in pharmacist, and talk was largely centered on not getting to go to NYC because she was pregnant and her upcoming trip to D!sney W0rld with her 2 kids, and his girlfriend and her 5 kids, and theis other girl he's still in love with who is married and has 2 kids... Yeah, it was that fun! Tomorrow will be long and boring, but the regular pharmacist is a ***lot*** more sensitive and understanding. Didn't make it to church/choir practice tonight... Still thinking I'm gonna skip out on choir for a while. Still thinking about the baby shower on Sunday.
Weekend plans..... Have so far all been shot down, because everyone else has plans!! This reminds me why we don't usualy plan our weekends! ;) Looks like hubby will be going to the movies Sat night with some friends... I may hang out at home or steal a niece or some nephews or something. I need to clean house, because this certainly has NOT been a productive house week! We have clean clothes and dishes, and I've cooked if we've been home... The end.... :) Hubby actually is the more productive one... He bought the rest of the door knobs and is currently taking door knobs off throughout the house. (The front door knob had been replaced a few weeks ago, when it fell off in my mom's hand!!!) Soon we'll have new (as opposed to like a billion years old) matching door knobs inside and out!
My friend K and I are trying to get together soon... For now we just send messages on, but even that is a comfort... We both are in similar situations, and we both are sadly enjoying finally having someone else who knows how we feel!!
Life is a little better, here's hoping for a much-improved tomorrow!!
Keep a new friend KC in your prayers, she was seriously injured recently and might be making a trip to a rehab facility tomorrow! Pray for safe travels for her (I think she is being flown?) and for her family that will be driving an 8-hour trip.

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