Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In one year and ten months.....

....We can start the process of adoption! ;) Actually a little less than 10 months. I can handle that.... For today anyway ;).....
So, for all of you "seasoned professionals" so to speak, what can I do NOW to prepare for that day? I know a lot of documents would expire before we needed them, but are there things I could be doing NOW that would still be good in 2 more years? I know I should be working on some sort of scrapbooking, because we're at least rhwoing around the idea of domestic adoption the first time.... I'm a bit more open to that since a church friend just adopted a NEWBORN baby girl, that she got to bring home from the hospital!! I still want to do international adoption, and one day I will, but we still haven't really decided on what we will do for sure.
I'm wiped out from a busy, kid-filled weekend. We went out with my older sister's family Friday night b/c someone spread chicken litter over a field behind their backyard, and she and oldest nephew weren't keeping anything down when they went outside..... And kids need to go outside and run around! We went to a little park, where my sister and I were disappointed in the huge slide we remembered from childhood.... You used to slide a lot faster down that thing!! ;) Then we went to play putt-putt and grab a snow cone. Which also wasn't as good as I remembered... Hahaha.... Saturday, we cleaned house in the am and went out with just older sis and b-i-l to see The Happening.... I covered my eyes a lot.... It was an okay movie, but that's not really how I wanted it to end. Sunday, my side of the family came over for lunch, then the plan was to go to the pool at a local camp that used to be open until 5 in Sunday afternoons... Lunch was great, we sent hubby to check on the pool times @ 3, and it closed at 3:30, so we went to some friends' and got in their pool. Oldest Nephew FINALLY knows God put another baby in his mama's belly, there was absolutely no hiding it in her swimsuit!! He was so cute, very excited and blew her (and the baby) kisses. Baby-Fest didn't end with the weekend!! Last night we kept Niece and Youngest Nephew while hubby's sister and b-i-l went out with some friends.... It's always a good feeling when both kids want YOU at bedtime... I got to give the 9-month-old his bottle and rock him to sleep (my favorite baby-thing to do!), and 4-year-old chose me over hubby to tuck her in and read her a bedtime story. Needless to say, I didn't mind a bit!! I love spoiling all my babies!!
I've been having some hillarious conversations with 4-year-old Oldest Nephew about "Chinese babies," and whether or not Aunt NotTheMama can have one some day. He says no, because "Day awah WOBOTS!!!" (translation: they are robots).... Of course I harass him like crazy.
Anyhoo, before I fall asleep @ the computer.... For anyone still reading.... What can I be doing (besides practicing on other peoples' kids hahaha) to prepare for our little ones?

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