Friday, July 4, 2008

Murder, July 4, etc

Random-ness from the past few days....
****There was a murder less than 5 MILES away from my house. This just doesn't happen around here. Ever. Especially "just for the thrill" of knowing you killed someone. This kid went missing after an arguement with his step mom. No trace of him anywhere. Hubby and the firefighters joined in a search through the woods near his house. This was in March, and there was no sign of the boy until this week. Two boys ages 19 and 22 had been planning to kill him, just for the thrill. they shot him, took him to another location, dug a grave, apparently check on it several times, then dug up his body and put it in a freezer for a couple of weeks. Found out a friend of mine used to date one of them. Yikes.
****I was supposed to be getting a lot done today... Hubby is selling fireworks. His family was eating lunch, my family was selling fireworks, putting a new roof on a house, otherwise being productive, so I was staying home and cleaning house all day. It was going to look soooo good. Like invite-several-friends-and-cook-out-good... Which has yet to happen in the 14 months we've been married.... Except for the big family Christmas thing. And I kind of like my nice, quiet house, it's sort of an escape from the world (doesn't that sound weird?) Anyhoo... Younger sister called last night and desperately needs someone to work with her today. So I'll be spending way too many hours (actually about 6, because she found someone to help her for part of the day) in the 90-plus degree heat, with no air conditioning, no fans, just the blazing sun, selling fireworks to drunks and people who can't speak English and poor, nasty little children who have saved every penny they found on the sidewalk since New Year's to buy a few packs of firecrackers. I swore I was done with this. That's how we spent every New Year's Eve and July 4 from the time we were about 12 until I was in college. Did I mention the stand hubby is working at has air conditioning?
****I'm losing weight!! No, really this time... So far, I've lost 4 lbs. My secret? I stopped eating like I'm still the teenager who played softball, ran 2 miles for track, marched in the band, went hiking for fun, rode a bicycle all over the neighborhood, etc.... It's amazing (read: disgusting) what almost 10 years of teenage-like-appetite will do to a not-so-teenage-anymore body... Hubby swore on Wednesday that he had lost 9 lbs since Sunday.... Without changing ANYTHING.... Somehow he didn't think it mattered at all that Sunday NIGHT, he had on dress pants, long-sleeved, button-down, collared shirt, dress socks and shoes, tie, etc, and Wednesday MORNING, he had on..... Boxer shorts.... Hahaha. I'm going for at least 20 lbs for myself, more would be nice, but we'll start with a somewhat more attainable goal. 16 lbs to go!
****Last, but certainly not least.... I taught Niece how to "raise the roof" last night!!!!! An amazing feat... So far I've only been allowed to teach the nephews such nonsense, because hubby's family is somewhat more refined and reserved than mine. (Family function for mine: everybody goes outside and plays with the kids. Even Grandma. Usually adults have way more fun than kids. For his family: men play with kid(s) in yard, while women sit quietly in house or under shade and have polite conversation. Ugh) My sisters' boys know sign language for "What's up, cracker?"... Say "duh"... Learn how to 80's dance.... etc.... And so far they have dissuaded me from teaching their 4- and 2-year-olds "Yo Mama" jokes, but trust me, it's coming... Hey, I'm not the Fun Aunt for nothin'! ;) (I'm also the aunt who is frequently reminded that one day, I WILL have children some way, and they WILL return the ahen "favor," and THEIR (much older than mine) children will teach MY babies sooooo much more than I have taught them....)
Did I say I was gonna clean house today?

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