Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's amazing...

Its amazing....
What one extra Exce drine mi graine will do for you, 5 hours after the first 2.
How your hubby just seems to know that you need an unplanned mid-week date night.
How many babies you can pass from the back of the restaurant to the front... And still be okay! ;)
How stupid that movie was, but you sat through it anyway because hey, it was free, and it meant snuggling up next to your honey for 2 hours.
How good your new lotion smells.
How you seem to find that one blog post that seems to be written just for you, just when you need it (thanks Janne, if you're reading this!)
How in 24 hours you can go from ready to just run away from it all, just for a day, to a glimmer of hope that you're gonna make it.
How you can take 50mg of diphenydramine and STILL not be falling asleep.
How, even though the insomnia isn't over, and the major migraine will probably be back in a few hours, and you've felt like you could puke most of the day, you still can look on the bright side.
It's amazing how God uses just a couple of people, one who knows you most intimately and one a complete stranger, to start bringing you out of this funk.

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