Sunday, November 30, 2008

Survive Thanksgiving... Check.

da-da-dum dum dum another one bites the dust! I survived the long weekend without any nosey questions or trips to the bathroom b/c of leaky eyes. I think we did manage to escape from hubby's aunt and uncle's house right before his cousin popped in a video of her ultrasound. Got lots of shopping done for others and ourselves, and hopefully will finish it all next weekend.
Tonight was the community Christmas Sing. Have you ever noticed exactly how mane Christmas songs are about babies and birth and such? I received several comments from people in our church missing seeing me in the choir. I've been thinking about going back, but I didn't really think this was the night to do it. Maybe after Christmas. As expected, my mom is SO not having this anti-tree thing I've got going on. Maybe I can decorate outside and she'll be happy? Last Spring, we bought this huge-mongous outdoor nativity scene for $25 at a yard sale. I saw similar ones at Christmas Village for hundreds of dollars. We can put that up in the yard, along with the reindeer, and Mr & Mrs SnowPeople. I still don't know about a tree though... I can see me in another week or two, melting in tears as AF arrives. Not. Pretty.
Again, my older sister and I talked as we were shopping, and she said she knows this is hard on me, seeing everyone else having babies and getting pregnant. Yeah, that and an entire month of celebration that reminds me I am a barren woman. And I'm hoping that people aren't getting the wrong idea. It's not that I hate singing (quite the opposite, actually), but it probably appeared that way tonight as I distanced myself and kept my thoughts away from how Mary and Joseph felt at the manger. It wasn't boredom, it was survival. And I don't mean to seem like I don't care about hubby's cousin's pregnancy, but since they don't know that it kills me to sit through showers and pregnancy-talk, it probably appears that way. I don't mean to seem like a scrooge, but sometimes I need a break from manger scenes and ever-expanding bellies on everyone but me. (Well, mine is expanding, but not for the reason I hope... Lay off the turkey, already!)
Bright spot... A little girl and boy hubby and I took around Wally World a while back, are in the process of being adopted from Ukraine. She was more focused on being her little bro's "mama" than on being a kid herself. He was amazed at such a huge store and so many toys. I can't wait for her to be able to be a kid!!!! Go visit them at
We are now less than 3 weeks away from the birth of my next nephew. I can't wait to hold that little dude and love on him. I looked through a book of baby photos last night while we were shopping. Ironically, babies bring me a lot of peace. CAn't always deal with pregnancy stuff, but put a baby in my arms, and I'm in heaven!! I love to rock and sway and snuggle them to sleep. I'm good at swaddling and diaper changing and bottle feeding, and there is no better smell than throwing one of my t shirts in the washer with baby clothes. Little B doesn't have a choice -- as my newest and tiniest nephew, he will be swaddled and lotioned and fed and changed and snuggled just like the rest of 'em!

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