Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To decorate, or not?

.. That is THE question around here these days. Half of my heart says no freakin' way, man! It's gonna be hard enough to go to all of the family get-togethers and play with everyone's kids and put up with their parents' questions and comments about us having kids of our own, and then coming back home to an empty house, with no diapers and screaming babies and cookies for Santa. Yes, I would take ALL of those. I have changed a first-poopy-diaper with my aunt-who-never-had-kids, and I would take a million of those rather than come home to a Christmas tree with no kids' presents underneath. If I'm struggling this much just thinking about decorating, what is it gonna be like when it gets here? And we're only gonna be home long enough to sleep, or come home, cook for the next place, and run out again. We won't really be here to enjoy it anyway. Then there's the whole taking it all down thing.
The other half of my heart says I HAVE to decorate. I've NEVER NOT had a tree!! Even when we had to make our own ornaments in tough times growing up, WE STILL HAD A TREE!!! And if I don't put one up, and my mom finds out, there is NO doubt in my mind, she will march over here and DO IT HERSELF!! And make me help... It'll be like those teenage years all over again, except this time, I'm not to COOL to help, I'm too SAD to help.
My brain says wait and see... I mean, we're getting furniture sometime between now and 2-3 weeks from now, so we don't really need to do it until then. December is already filled up, with more events to be added, so there's my excuse -- we don't have TIME to put one up. Will it work with my mom? Doubt it, but I would nearly try.
SO.... Any advice? Should I suck it up and decorate anyway? Or should I just leave things as they are? Also, any tips,advice on dealing with small children and large bellies at EVERY Christmas function would be greatly appreciated. ;)

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