Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting a handle on things

Okay, I'm at a much better place now... Not exactly throw-up-a-Christmas-tree-better, but at least not let's-just-crawl-under-a-rock-until-January-bad. I can handle a few hours with the pregnant-cousin-in-law, I can handle their questions, and actually may just let hubby field them when he's around. I know I really should just take it one holiday at a time, but looking ahead, it looks like my next nephew's birth and Christmas and all surrounding events are in the clear from AF. Well, the one weekend is kind of questionable, but do-able. Here's what the 2nd weekend in December looks like:
Fri evening -- drive 1 hour to old camp/conference center I worked at in college. Spend evening hopefully getting back in touch with other summer staffers I worked with, and just relax and hang out. Be prepared for the questions, but hey, I rarely (if ever) actually SEE these people, which is usually when hubby is more open about stuff. SPEND THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!! ;) Whew. Relax.
Sat morning -- finish up celebration thing, finish relaxing for a ccouple of weeks. Make mad dash home to cook for my dad's side of the family Christmas dinner.
Sat evening -- eat, open gifts, play with kids, eat, play with kids, eat, play with kids... It's gonna be a mad house... We're having it at my younger sister's house this year, the house she has yet to move into. Yeah, that's cutting it a little close! ;)
Sun -- church, etc... That evening is the church Christmas dinner, but also niece's last night of ballet-dance-thingy at a local church. Looks like we're skipping the church thing and going to the ballet thing.
Sun night -- after ballet thing -- crash, prepare for work Mon morning.
And hubby wonders why I want him to take off the day after Christmas so we can run away for the weekend!
HAhaha, for a while I wondered if it would be okay to fake an illness to get out of Thanksgiving plans... And now it appears no faking will be involved. I've got the beginning of some kind of cold/allergy/sinus funk, not sure which yet. MAybe by Thursday, I won't be sneezing and coughing in the dressing!!! ;)

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