Thursday, July 28, 2011

I would be a terrible crack*head... Or a really good one, depending on your point of view!

Hi, I'm NotTheMama. (Everybody say hi) I am a recovering Dr Pep*per and Mtn D*ew drinker. I am currently struggling to consume only ONE bubbly soda per day - down from anywhere between 4-6 or 7. Cans. I really really REALLY struggled to not grab a can outta the fridge while doing some late-night cleaning. I had one and a half today.
I'm struggling with afternoon drowsiness, crabbiness, and I'm pretty sure it's a sign of a big problem when your blood sugar is obviously in shock over the sudden decrease in that sugary goodness. Tomorrow starts the weekend. We are having friends over tomorrow night for lasagna and cards. Family reunion Saturday. Should I even attempt to stay on the wagon? I'm guessing I'll end up diving off, forget falling!
Tonight was also the first time hubby or I have eaten out all week. Even for lunch. Unheard of! I spent less than 5 bucks at Su*bway, with my parents.
Just stepped on the scale. I weigh a little less tonight than I did in the morning at the beginning of the week. Would love to lose 30-40 lbs. Wow. Can't believe I let myself get in this shape! :(

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Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. It has been almost two weeks now and I still think a DP would be wonderful. Why is caffeine and carbonation so delightful?????