Monday, July 25, 2011

Cleaning Strike 2011 is over, and more!

Yes, The Great Cleaning Strike of 2011 is officially over. Tonight, my kitchen is spotless, my LR and DR are mostly tidy, the shower stall floor has been scrubbed, and the laundry is more done than not. A coupla loads tomorrow evening, and I'm done with that for the week! Hubby is pitching in - tonight, he dried and put away dishes, cleaned off the table, and put his shoes away. That gets him a gold star lol ;)
I for real have got to lose a LOT of weight. Yeah, I watched myself on video tonight, from a month or two ago. I was totally disgusting. Time to start stepping on the scale everyday, and stop eating so much.
I'm probably meeting up with a fellow blogger tomorrow. The handful people I've told, have made me promise I'll let them know when I get there, when I leave, what I'm wearing, etc. Sheesh. And I hafta call or text them when I get in. (For the record: I've read back over a year. I'd say it would be more than a little difficult to be consistantly making crap up for an extended period of time. And we're meeting in a public place, and please give me a break!) I will humor them and no, I haven't given my address or phone number or hometown even my real last name.
There's some stuff in store for Wednesday night that has the potential to be pretty exciting. Thursday, I will probably be grocery shopping for Friday evening - we usually go eat Mexican with friends on Friday nights, but this weekend, we're bringing the party to our house to play cards. One of our friends requested lasagna, so I'm hoping to get as much prep-work done Thursday. Saturday may be free, but I'm thinking about a trip to GA to a fun little place with 6 fabric rectangles on poles. Sunday morning, I'm filling in for the 4YO-K class, Sunday night is a special night of local kid choirs performing, and I'm kind of hoping next week is a bit slower!
Keeping busy is a good thing for now...

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