Monday, May 23, 2011

Role Reversal

Usually, during the week, I get home several hours before hubby. I have time to relax before cleaning/cooking (on the rare days I actually get to come home, and we get to STAY home - usually niece/nephew ball games, baby-sitting, etc keep us gone), and I'm up and moving until bedtime.
Hubby usually comes home in time for a late supper and a little time to relax before bed. I try not to say anything, because I do have *more* time at home.
Tonight, I fixed supper - cheated, too: had some chicken casserole mixture in the fridge, only needed to spoon it into a bowl, spread some ground-up crackers on top, drizzle with butter, and pop in the oven.
That is all. I worked an hour and a half later, had to go buy some stuff on the way home, and got in about 3 hours later than usual. Not feeling the greatest, and otc meds don't really so the trick. Hubby came in at his usual time... So far, he has started dishes, put in some clothes, and took supper out of the oven.
You can just call me the slacker wife. ;) I predict I will feel better in a day or two, and... Not cleaning house, because I just found out we will be watching softball tomorrow night, and baseball Thursday night. :)
Hopefully, we're leaving the state for the weekend, with my parents!

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