Friday, May 13, 2011

Clean off the couch, clear your mind

Okay, so maybe that sounds like a drive-thru psychiatric clinic, but whatever, it's Friday! ;)
Weeks (and weeks) ago, I went through my bedroom and gathered jackets, sweatpants, velour jogging suits, various winter parphenalia - and washed and dried it all, and dumped it on the couch. Where it stayed.
And stayed.
And stayed.
Because I was never home, too busy running from niece and nephew ball games, church, grabbing a "quick" bite to eat, buying groceries, you name it. I made time and energy to wash clothes, but then I picked through the pile that threatened to overtake our living room, instead of folding and putting away.
That changed today. People can SIT in our living room now, in multiple places, on BOTH couches.
I always forget just how awesome it feels to get everything in its place! It really takes away so much stress, it really clears my mind. I can sit on the couch and bask in the blissful blankness.
For about 5 minutes. Then I moved the latest round of washed-dried-and-flung-in-an-empty-corner laundry to the living room.
But that just means I have a clean CORNER now, so that's still progress, right? RIGHT???? Whatever. It's Friday!

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