Saturday, July 3, 2010

Progress - Our hypothetical child has a mostly functional bedroom!

We have spent the day cleaning out one of our bedrooms. The state is gonna want to see evidence that there is a physical space for this supposed child. When we moved into our new house, I had planned on moving a little at a time, and having a place for everything.
Then we decided to speed up so we could sell the old place, and my sister got a bee in her bonnet. We moved everything in a weekend, and contained all the stuff to the 2 spare bedrooms.
That's where it's been for 6 months. We have thrown out papers and junk, made a yard sale pile, and found a home for the stuff we want to keep. We determined there is room in that room, the guest room, for a crib, without taking down the bed.
Now we need to tackle the big mess in the othert spare room... That's where most of the junk is. That room is gonna be a playroom for now, but right now, there's no floor space. This one may take a while.
I have more to share, but I do believe my rather anonymous blog has been found by a co-worker.(Yes, I know you're reading, S!) Perhaps another time. :)

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