Saturday, July 10, 2010

The way I would like for it to happen...

...At least in my own little world, where things work out the way I want them to...
We get to the end of this class. Even before we finish, they get a young child that is immediately available for adoption. Their first thought is, "this is the baby for NotTheMama and her hubby!" And we all live happily ever after.
I've always been a "beat the system" kind of girl. I'm gonna prove that I CAN do the things "they" say can't be done. There have been a lot of "they's" over the years, up to and including God. (Guess what? Turns out you can't really prove God wrong!) After a while, I learned that there are times when it's best to step back and say "ya know what? You're right. This would not be smart to try." That scrappy little fighter remains, though.
We're continuing on through the class. At the least, we'll be more prepared for whatever way a child enters our life... Or not... Because this class has helped me see that in fact, I am *not* willing to do ANYTHING to "get" a baby.

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Liddy said...

Wishing your own little world, becomes your real world. Wishing you also the very best.

I added you to my blogroll and Google Reader. Look forward to reading more.
liddy @ the unfair struggle