Monday, February 23, 2009

Thinking of starting a new one....

So... This blog, while public, isn't really very "out there" as far as people I know IRL. And I'd like to keep it that way. Scratch that: I'm GONNA keep it that way! I don't want my coworkers or the lady I teach @ church with or my in-laws or even sisters to read every last word I write here. That's why there are no pictures, no descriptions of where I live, why I have made-up names and non-specific anything. As time draws nigh, however, there are things I would like for friends and family to know, things I would rather not say a million times, and after all, when I am actually trying to WRITE and NOT just go with stream-of-consciousness-writing, I actually write much better than I speak. (Sorry, if you read this blog, you usually just get the stream-of-consciousness...) So instead of having to delete/edit a bunch of posts, I'm thinking of just starting a new blog. Oh, I'll still be here to spew my rambling tirades against the octo-mom (haven't touched that one yet, still trying to form my opinion) or how I did at the next baby shower or why my younger sister doesn't need more than 1 child.... And right now the new one won't be a daily (HA!) or probably even weekly blog yet.... But I feel like we're close enough to start.
I feel like I've reached that stage where any day now I could just start trying to educate the world on IF and adoption... Not so much specific detail about the IF part, but definitely on adoption. Maybe that's a bit exaggerated, but nonetheless, I would like to begin preparing our friends, family, church members, etc for our adoption. We've been married 1Y9M now, which means we have 1Y3M to go before we can start the process. Hubby and I both feel we should begin preparation NOW for that process. You know, cleaning out the spare-for-now bedrooms, getting rid of a lot of clutter, child-proofing somewhat, making repairs, etc. I realize a lot can and will change in the adoption community in more than a year, but I feel like we need to be at least narrowing down some country choices. We need to be talking to people who have adopted from wherever -- China, Ukraine, Russia, America, and however -- foster, private, open, etc... How old are we willing to adopt? Just how "special" could we handle special needs? AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH Choices.
Here's what I am thinking.... A lot of people know that orphans have a special place in my heart, then again, a lot of people don't know that... Out of those who know of my orphan love, not so many know we're definitely going to adopt, and even fewer know that we're solely relying on adoption to build our family. Our church and community have had a few brushes with adoption, and there have been a few couples in our church who have adopted. Two of them were like 30-ish years ago, and one happened last year, but they rarely come to church. I don't want to offend those couples, but I do want people to have a better understanding of where we're coming from and the symbolism of adoption as it pertains to our relationship with God. I also know of several other couples in our church who are interested to different degrees in adopting, and I want to encourage them and help them get started on their journey. I feel that by coming out with our adoption plans, it will put an end to (SOME OF) the nosey questions and comments we are currently always dealing with.... But I also realize that this probably just means that certain people will just be asking different questions. I guess the difference is just personal to me, because I have a much easier time talking about adoption than IF.
Suggestions? Comments? If you're reading this, I want your 2 cents!! :)

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