Monday, February 9, 2009

Feeling better, till I got sick

Ugh... If you could see me, you would see a bed head, in pajamas since the second I got in from work, rolled out of bed to eat and take some medicine, waiting for the sleepiness to kick back in. So much for more cinsistent blogging! This time of year in our neck of the woods brings about a yo-yo of unseasonably warm, spring-like days, followed by nasty rain and freezing temperatures as soon as the roads are dry. Just warm enough to make you drag out the sandals and flip-flops, just cold enough to make you wish it would snow, except the ground is now too warm from the teasing spring days. And monster-like head colds and bronchitis and ear infections and such. Got a cold sometimes last week, confined to the head... Wasn't a bad one, and almost completely gone until Attack of the Sick Children, er, inadvertent (for me) and on-purpose _for them) sharing of some drinks after a trip to the dr with 3 sick kids on Saturday. Seriously, should ANYONE take a 5- and 2-year-old and 7-week-old to the dr alone? NO! So I got my sorry self outta bed at 8 am to go with my sister. Return clogged-up head, droppy eyes, and more snot than I care to discuss. Really wanted to use one of those 4 sick days today, but I'm always afraid I might need them for something serious. So instead, I trudged through pill-counting and packing, and crashed when I came home. I'm gonna sleep through this one.
And by the way, I got a notebook to keep by my bed, so as to make it easier to keep up with temp charting, and started out doing really good about that whole thing... Then the Spring-Winter Fight began, and that all fell wayyyyy down the to-do list. Maybe next month? Coming up Sunday: Baby shower NOT at the church, but at a cousin's friends' HOME.... Can't exactly run away from that one, huh? Sigh... Dragging out the Big Girl P.anties right now.

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