Thursday, February 19, 2009

Still here....

Whew. What a week!! Monday night, huby and I went out to celebrate V Day a little late... Tuesday night I was playing with my niece and next-to-youngest nephew until they went to bed, then ended up talking to S-I-L for 2 hours. Wednesday night, church was cancelled because of bad weather, so I went out to eat with my parents, younger sis, and one of the middle nephews. Tonight, I was at my older sister's, taking care of the baby while the rest of them were gone, then playing with the other 2 and getting all 3 of them to their Nana's house to send the night. Tomorrow night, we are eating and singing with some church peeps. Saturday night, we will be attending Niece's dance recital-type-thingy. Sunday afternoon, we will be with 4/6 niece/nephews. I would say that all of my babies have been sufficiently spoiled rotten this week. Aunt NotTheMama is wiped out, man! At least I can wear scru/bs tomorrow... Gotta work @ the m/ental hospital bright and early, then go to MY "real job" before I dash to uh, somewhere, to grab some food and dash to the friends' house.... Aunt NotTheMama is wanting to turn off the ringer on her phone Saturday so she can sleep in!!!!

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