Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ridiculously excited!!!!!

So I'm pretty sure I've mentioned the camp and conference center I worked while I was in college.... SS was my second home. Oh sure, we mostly hated change-out days, when we all had to work in house keeping and make beds and gather trash and junk, but somehow I actually find myself MISSING a day of mindless work..... Because let's face it, if you give someone an extra cup in their room, big deal; however, if you give someone an extra dose of seizure medication, well, that's a different story, n'est pa? At the beginning of the summer, you couldn't believe you were there and had the whole summer to only work 40 hours, not go to class, and beyond a few hours for worship, Bible study or missions, and scheduled rec nights, you were free to just do whatever. Near the end of the summer, you just wanted to be done, already.... That last night, you were already planning who would be your roommate the next year!!
So I still get mail at my parents' house, even though the most important stuff comes to mine and hubby's house by now. My mom kept what she **thought** was a credit card offer, and I got it tonight. I noticed the return address was for SS. It was an invitation to a Christmas party/60th year celebration thing!!!!!! It was ridiculous, I tell ya, how excited this made me!!! It's an afternoon/evening, spend-the-night-and-next-day, kind of thing.... For free. It's like a mini-weekend vacation at my former "home-away-from-home," where hopefully I will see lots of people I used to practically live with for the entire summer. I am such a nerd. But an excited nerd. :) Wondering if might be there?
And did I mention my latest pick-me-up thought in my last post? By the time the next Olympics rolls around, we *****should***** have at least one child in our family. Another one of those I-can-do-this moments.


Jbeeky said...

You are getting there! You know, I never thought about the rule on being married three years until I read this blog. Now I think it is a dumb rule, you could adopt as a single right now, why longer if you are married?

Ellen said...

I haven't been by your blog lately. How are things? I don't think I ever saw what your hubby's test results were. I've been looking through the archives, but I can't find it yet. I'm really sorry you have a 3 year wait for adoption. That really stinks. Hang in there, girl.