Monday, June 30, 2008

Thanks for making me cry in Wal**M@rt!!

So any time you go to that store, you're gonna run into someone you know... Regardless of which particular store in whichever town you happen to be in, it's gonna happen. I've witnessed my sister bring someone (we'll call her T) to tears when she tolder T she was pregnant again. Well, now it's happened to me, glad I can get that one out of the way!! ;)
I knew another friend ("A") was expecting her adopted baby daughter to be born soon. I saw A and her beautiful 5-day-old baby Friday at WM. We hugged, I fussed over the baby (she really was such a beautiful baby, and I know how long she's waited/hoped/prayed for this baby, so I AM very happy for them), etc. She asked me how much longer we had to wait (I didn't even know that she really knew we were infertile and planning to adopt, too), I of course was disgusted, and told her 2 more years. She hugged me again and said "See, in just a couple more years, you'll be doing this too, it'll be here before you know it!!" And I rushed off to the bathroom before anybody saw me cry.... Not sure what the deal was towards the end of last week, but the emotions were running rampant!!! (Uh, shouldn't that have been happening around the 20th instead of last week?)
In other news.... Four day work week, one day down!! Got a good bit of cleaning and straightening today, which means I'm in for a productive week @ home. Hubby's only work day was today, he has taken tomorrow-Thurs. off (his office is closed Fri anyway), to sell fireworks for a man who lives in our community and goes to church with us..... And I've got some kind of scratchy throat, sinus crud lingering around that doesn't seem to be changing, even with the Clar!t!nD I took for a few days..... And I've been busy spoiling ALL of the niece and nephews a lot more than usual. So it's life as usual, I guess, with a lot more tears than usual thrown in, just for good measure!


Tracey said...

Get a large multi year calendar and start crossing off the days...and stay VERY BUSY! BEST OF LUCK!

Jbeeky said...

Ugh, that is a pretty thoughtless comment. Sorry you had to hear that.