Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Etc. insanity

Argh... I had plans to get a lot of housework done tonight, as hubby is away on business. What did I do instead? Went out to eat with my parents, my dad's sisters, and some cousins... Came home prepared to check "just one thing" online, then I was going to be a cleaning machine! Well, even before the "one thing," I got distracted with a different project, then got distracted by a couple of new blogs.... Mainly one by a lady who has adopted 4 kids from Russia/Ukraine. One of her posts was about the dreaded MD before she was a mom and it mentioned they had wanted kids for 10 years. That makes my 2-3 more years of waiting seem a lot easier to deal with!!
Did I mention I burned my back pretty badly? Let me introduce you to the clumsy/stupid/not-thinking-ahead side of me that tries not to come out very often, but really stands out when it does.... I was getting ready for work. Hubby had already left. It was really hot. (air was set on 75 or 78) I had taken a hot shower. (Shut up, I know it's 90-something outside, I just enjoy my hot showers, okay?) I had dried my hair with a hot hair dryer. I had curled my hair with a hot curling iron. I had either already ironed my clothes, or was about to do so, with a hot iron. My hair is really thick. My head was really hot. It's hard to put on make-up when you're sweating. I had hung up the hot curling iron on the towel rack, because I tend to get burned less when it's not on the counter. Usually.... Then I get the bright idea that I will put my head next to the air vent (that is on the wall, about head-level, conveniently) (that is also above the towel rack, that is about back level, INconveniently).... And forgot the curling iron was close by. So I back up to it, only thinking of cooling off my head, and suddenly my back gets a lot hotter. I have about an inch-long burn in a near-nonreachable spot on my back. The only thing I have remotely to be used for burns is Triple Antibiotic Ointment. (There is a locally made salve that will leave you with no blisters even after sticking your fingers in aa humongous vat of extremely hot oil while working in a restaurant... Yeah, I've done that too... But that's one of those things you don't really think about, until you need it... And it's a little hard to find...) I can't reach the burn to cover it with a band-aid. My bra strap goes over the worst part of the burn. Hubby has been a (mostly) good nurse and applies more TAO and a fresh bandage whenever I ask him to. And the bandage.... It has to be big. I've never been bothered by any kind of adhesives. I could wear whatever, wherever, and no biggie. Apparently my back does not like this particular adhesive. I'm sporting a humongous red rectangle on my back from the adhesive, with some minor skin breakdown. So now the bandages are out the window, I have more places to apply TAO (by myself in the am, remember hubby is gone), and can't really put any kind of covering over it. The plan is to apply the TAO, and layer with a white tank top and a difficult-to-iron white button-down shirt. In June. In the Deep South. In a pharmacy where the temp is set on 78 because I work with skinny, cold women. And do deliveries in the hottest part of the afternoon, getting out, turning off the engine about the time I stop suffocating in the car. And did I mention the "check engine soon" light came on AGAIN yesterday? And that I have to go to the worst part of the ghetto again tomorrow?

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