Monday, June 9, 2008

Now back to your regularly scheduled insanity, already in progress....

So, it's back to work after the funeral goings on. I thought this might (relax, I said might) get my house cleaned back up after the insanity of last month and the beginnings of this one... Then I remembered we have VBS this week, and I'm helping teach the 4-year-old class! After 2 days (Sat and Sun) of sleeping 12 hours each, I still don't really feel rested. Today was a usual (looooong) Monday, of having to be in a town more than 30 minutes away, in less than 30 minutes, then back in the first town with deliveries finished before a few places closed... And VBS started @ 6... I made it there by 6:30-6:45! Cutting back on Dr Pe**pper again? Yeah, not happening this week... I've got one in the freezer now. Clear out clutter, sweep, and mop the whole house? Maybe next week.... Clean laundry and clean dishes? Now there's something I have to MAKE myself do. It's work from morning-whenever, rush to VBS, home by 9 or 10 pm. Crash. After the clothes get done.

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