Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas made for a spend the night party, and a virus

First, Christmas was great, and we were able to travel everywhere we were supposed to go, and I was fine! We had our first white Christmas, and it's still here this morning. Snow doesn't happen very often, and it certainly doesn't stick much, and for it to stay over 24 hours is amazingly rare! We had fun playing yesterday.
Older sister and her brood live over the mountain, so they spent the night last night.
There's been lots of sickness going arounf the schools and places, and I have managed to dodge the proverbial bullet, even though I've been exposed a million and one ways. Not so sure I'll dodge this one though!
We pulled out both "couchbeds," as my nephews call them, and the 3 kids, sister, and I slept on them, hubby slept in our bed. Around 7;30 this morning, middle nephew woke up beside me. Puking. Yuck. He said his tummy didn't hurt or feel funny, and that he had a hiccup that made him puke. We were thinking, hoping, praying that was the case, until around an hour later. While sister was cleaning him up, we heard hubby in the other bathroom. He's quite a bit sicker than nephew. Sister and I are trying to decide if we really feel bad, or if it's just an impending sense of doom. Hoping the rest of us avoid it, but not really sure how that's gonna happen!

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