Friday, December 24, 2010

Peace on Earth... and in my heart

Yes, it's Christmas Eve. I'm not spazzing like I thought I would be! (I know it's early lol) there's a tinge of sadness, but mostly just peace. I half-way joked yesterday that God was showing me great grace and mercy (boss on vacation, only tech missed half the day b/c she was siiiiiiiiiiiiick and had been all week but chose the one day there was no back-up for her to go to the stinkin' dr, MONDO amounts of work that HAD to get done! NOW!!!!) because it was a relatively quiet day, and I didn't have to work late. But for real, I'm feeling the grace and mercy. Aaaaand, now I'm crying because I'm okay! Hahaha but that's a good thing. So now I enjoy the moments with the niece and nephews and family, and enjoy the quiet moments at home. I know there's no guarantee my house will be louder next year, but if this is my last quiet Christmas, I'm determined to enjoy it and not wish it away. Merry Christmas, everyone! May God show you grace and mercy as well. Hope you all enjoy your days!

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Micha said...

Merry Christmas. May you and I both enjoy our last 'quiet' Christmas's. As an aside, why is it that brothers and sisters can have the title siblings or offspring, but we have to write nieces and nephews longhand (ie there is no collective word for them) .... just a curious question I have had, since I've had both nieces and nephews. Ooooops, sorry for the long comment!