Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sometimes, it's just too much

Our dogs had their puppies... Yes, both of them. On the same day. I believe in sharing, but that is just ridiculous! We have 14 lab-somethings. Welcome to Aunt NotTheMamas, where the dogs get knocked up easily and quickly and give birth at the same time, the tomato plant is very fertile, and the humans are anything but...
My mom backed into my car, then hubby and I were an hour away from home when his truck exploded and we were stranded in the cold parking lot for over an hour. A kind man and woman stopped and told us it sounded like we had blown a spark plug. A gracious friend made the hour drive to tow us in, and is working on it. Again, ridiculous.
We're back to one car, and it needs some body work now. This is the week hubby has to stay late at work. It's also our community revival.
But it's not all crappy things happening in two's. I baby-sat 4 siblings Friday night, and they told their parents I was the best sitter ever, and they want me to move in. They keep asking for me. Today at lunch, the waitress couldn't figure out who our niece and nephew belonged to. They wanted me to sit between them, and I just did what I always do, coloring with them, playing, and without asking, I automatically jumped in and cut up the little guy's food. Everyone bragged on Aunt NotTheMama on a day she really needed to hear something good. One full week of work, then a 3-day week. Another full week, then I'm using my remaining 4 days of vacay. Not sure if we'll be able to go anywhere after we fix both vehicles, but the time away from work and together will be enough. Work continues to be not fun or nice.
The porch railing is coming along, they just have 3 more pieces. I feel like we've kind of stalled out on the adoption process, until we finish this project. We still haven't sold our old house.
One day, life will be better. things will improve, someone will need our old house, our new house won't be so quiet, my job will change or go away, and life will be better. Apparently Someone wants me to work on my patience until that day :)

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Anonymous said...

Praying for you, Not the Mama! Our battle cry around is "one day we'll look back and laugh!" Another one say sometimes is "when your famous this will be great for your memoirs." Maybe those can work for you, too.