Monday, November 22, 2010

New Friends, and Playing with the Nephews

Please excuse the non-blogging. I've been sleeping more, going to bed earlier, and ah, just give me more sleep. And looking for adoption stuff for fb. :)
We had our community revival last week - most of the churches in our community come together, we have services @ different churches, and each pastor has their night to preach. We have several new pastors, and one of them and his family could easily be our new friends! He preached one night, and touched on the adoption topic, mentioning the very verse I had read the night before. So after the service, I thanked him and told him I had just read the verse and we were getting ready to adopt... And he told me their son was adopted! It was an awesome story - they had tried some fertility stuff, suffered a loss, and decided to adopt instead. It happened really quickly, then they ended up conceiving on their own a year later - and now have 2 under 2! The last night, I met his wife and children. Both nights, we all talked for a while.
It wouldn't seem like a big deal to some, but keep in mind that we live in the middle of nowhere. Adoption playgroups do not exist, the path hubby and I are on is "weird" and people just can't understand why we wouldn't "try for our own kids." So to meet another youngish couple who share our heart for adoption, and "get" why we've made the decisions we have, is a big moment!
Nephews... I didn't get to see them last week, because of revival and funeral home stuff. I missed them like crazy! So yesterday after church, we all ate at my parents' house, and my job for the rest of the afternoon was to play. The other grown-ups got the house cleaned up and ready to decorate for Christmas, and Aunt NotTheMama just PLAYED. It was warm, and dry, so we were outside. "Outside play," in the baby's words. We played ball, and ran around, and tackled each other, and jumped on Aunt NotTheMama, and rolled around in the grass, and played chase... It was such a great afternoon! They are all hilarious, and say the funniest things. The baby will be 2 next month, and he is really starting to talk, and say things that HE comes up with on his own, instead of just repeating whatever we say. He like to say "Ummmmm..." when you ask him something. They are all such little hams!
So, if I disappear again for a while, you know I'm either sleeping or playing... Or if it's Friday, I'll be shopping!

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Anonymous said...

That is awesome to find someone who shares your heart for adoption. It does seem super rare. Come by my blog and register for the giveaway if you have time.