Friday, October 22, 2010

Train up a tween in the way she should roll, and when she is old, she will teach someone else...

The 4-6 grade girls I teach at church have been begging me to go roll yards with them. But they rolled my yard a couple of times instead! So Wednesday night after class, they asked me if I could take them, and I said sure. So one of their moms met hubby and me for supper, then took off. The first yard was not very successful, and the mom of the house was actually kind of mad - HER boys don't DO that kind of thing because it's soooooo TRASHY!!!! (Or fun, and the neighbors have seen those boys doing some rolling, but whatev)
We had an ah, "appointment," for our adult Sunday School class, to "visit" some new members, with our b-i-l, and the girls came along to "visit" with us. Between 15-20 of us, over 1 case, it looks good!
Finally, one of the little girls at church is kind of between that group of girls (the "big" girls) and our niece's group (the "little" girls), and she was upset b/c everybody else was getting THEIR yard rolled, and NOBODY was rolling hers!!!! So most of us went to her house and did a quick pitty job.
And now we are home... My back hurts, my legs are already sore from running, and usually that much (read: any) running brings on a migraine the next day...
BUT we had so much fun, and so did the kids! Obviously, as their teacher, imparting the word of God and helping them learn their Bible verses are very important, as is setting a good example by living what I am teaching... But sometimes, they just need to see you having fun. They need to know that it's okay to have fun, and that even grown-ups like to let loose and do ridiculous things!
I also told them that I'm only an adult when it's absolutely necessary, but the rest of the time, I just like to have fun!
Now I'm off to unlock my medicine box and get a head start on this old body!

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