Thursday, June 2, 2011

Got another blog for you!

I have another one to share with you! How did I find this blog? I do believe I came across it while searching for yard-rolling stories. Why was I g.oogling such a subject? I teach children at church. They like to roll yards. They like to roll my yard. They LOVE it when I take them to roll someone's yard. 'Cause I'm cool like that, to take my church girls to do something slightly illegal. (We almost always have permission) I say almost because if you roll my yard, I assume you are BEGGING for me to come roll yours - better!
This blog is written by a writer/teacher. She writes a lot about, well, writing, and life, and tells some hilarious stories! So go on over to and read and come back.
I love it when she talks about "just" writing a book. Does that not sound like familiar advice? "Just" adopt. "Just" get pregnant. "Just" adopt, THEN you WILL get pregnant! "Just" relax. My reaction to "just" depends on my mood. My first reaction is an eye-roll and a "sure, whatever!" Sometimes, I want to educate (roughly 8 percent adopt-then-conceive, and it really depends a lot on the diagnosis); sometimes the best response is no response; and sometimes, I just smile and remember what that blind ambition and cheery optimism feels like. Refreshing to hear that someone thinks it so simple! Whatever the reason for advice beginning with "just," it's never as simple as it sounds... Any seasoned professional, no matter how positive, no matter the subject, laughs at "just!"
I think my favorite part of this post was next. "Nobody owes you anything." Now I want you to go back and read the paragraphs, starting at "we all want something," and ending with "even when we don't see it that way." Sometimes we feel entitled to something, but we're really not. Sometimes we can make things happen, other times we can only pray.
Isn't that so true? I'm gonna speak for myself for a minute. I know it's easy for me to think some people don't "deserve" a child, and I absolutely do! Not often, but it's still there. That young dad who broke BOTH arms of his 4-month-old child? My best friend from high school who, due to a sickness resulting in a brain injury, can't take care of herself, much less her kids, but keeps having more? The mom who doesn't put her kids first? The parents who ignore their kids all the time? It's easy to think that they should just hand them over... But I'm not entitled to other peoples' children just because it's impossible for me to have "my own" kids.
I also can't "make" adoption happen. I can complete classes, answer all the questions, put those darn plastic covers on all my outlets, double-lock all medicines and cleaning supplies, make it impossible for our friends and family to open our doors leading outside because of those little doorknob things, and jump through every.single.hoop. necessary, but in the end, it's not up to me. In the same way all the trying in the world can't "make" me conceive, all the prepping in the world won't "make" me adopt.
Whew. I'm obviously a lot more wordy than my writer/teacher/blogger friend, but that's what I took away from her latest post. Now be brave, and leave me a comment to let me know what *YOU* are reading! ;)

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