Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Adoption Box Checked Off, AND it's VBS Week!

Another box checked off! Yesterday, hubby and dhrlady finally connected. She could interview him yesterday during lunch and me today at 4.
At FOUR. VBS starts AT SIX. THIRTY MINUTE drive to our church. Hubby's interview lasted TWO HOURS. I had to buy some supplies. You do the math!
It's another box checked off. Just a simple hour of sweat rolling down my back as I answered questions such as, "what is your first memory!" Whattha... How do you remember what exactly is your first memory?!? Seriously, it wasn't that bad - just honestly answering questions about family dynamics and such. Kind of like the ol' annual exam, not something you would choose for funsies, but you get through and you're done!
So as I was driving, my mind did it again. "By the next" is a dangerous game that guarantees "next fill-in-the-blank" will not be fun. Before I was outta the parking lot, it was "by the time vbs rolls around next year, I will be busy with my child, NOT teaching a class!" I made myself stop. I turned on the vbs cd, and got distracted by bi-bi-bi-big apple adventure music, and loving Jesus more than ice cream, and a rap song about the ABC's.
It seems like we might not be waiting an incredible amount of time. Nobody has said as much, but the you-are-getting-a-kid-soon-vibe was sooooo strong. But if we have to wait, then we have to wait, and that will be okay too.
The only other things left are our last home visit, gathering a couple of proofs of insurance, and waiting. She will come out in July for our last homevisit, then turn everything in to the state! So of course my mind goes to, "this could SO happen by the end of the ye-NOOOOOO!!!!" "Ye-ye-ye-ye-yes to v-v-v-v-b-s!!!!!"
Because right now, distracting myself from "by the next" with teaching other peoples' children about God is exactly what I need....

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