Monday, May 25, 2009

Where have I been? Entertaining Body Cast Boy!!

A week ago yesterday, my almost-18-month-old nephew fell while playing in the nursery at church. Here is a list of other nephews I thought would brek a bone first, and why...
**The Little Monkey, my older sister's middle child, who will climb on anything and everything. He also acts just. like. ME... Perfect, of course! :)
**The Big Dude, my older sister's oldest boy, who is just rough and tough and bigger than some second graders, even though he'll just be in Kindergarten in the fall.
**The Little Loner, my younger sister's son, because he isn't wathced closely enough, and likes to wander and get into things.
**The Newest Baby, my older sister's youngest, probably because the above mentioned 3 either fell/stepped/jumped on him (by accident, of course), or when he was older, they told him to do something or they would call him a baby.
NEVER did I EVER think the First Broken Bone award would go to hubby's sister's kids, The Princess Niece or the Handsome Prince, as they are the calmer of the 6. However, the HP is in a body cast, from just below his chest, to his ankle on his right leg, and just above his knee on his left leg. The boy needs entertainment, and can only be put in his "fat baby" car seat (which cost $500!!!), which he's not very fond of, because you have to strap him in it. The Princess informed me one night that it was time for the two of us to have some alone-time reading books in her room.
So, I have been busy. Not at home, definitely not blogging. Cast comes off June 17. No promises I'll be back till then!
Oh yeah... And I did finally get a new car. It's an '09 H..onda C))ivic. Brand new, not because I refuse to buy used, but because it was about $2,000 more expensive than an '06 with 19,000 miles. Not much payment difference for a new one, eh? I love it!

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